“Perform at your Best”

This is one of the first rehab centres to take you from injury right back into either training, sport or everyday life. We have a wide range of specialists that specialise in areas such as Sports Massage, Personal Training, Sports Conditioning, rehabilitation and class based instructors. This allows each stage of your return from injury or fitness to be specific to you and the stage you are at due to the many specialist areas we have. 

Catherine Hume

Catherine Hume

Pilates and sports weight management

I am passionate about pilates and nutrition having witnessed the benefits of both first hand. Pilates is fantastic for improving posture, core strength and reducing back pain. Nutrition advice on weight management, sport and health.



Sports Massage

Level 4 sports massage therapist offering deep tissue and sports massage for those involved with regular physical activity as well those with everyday aches and pains.


erspsouthampton is a trading name of Jo sportstherapy limited.


Royal Mail house, Terminus terrace


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