Our in house sports masseuse Gemma is a fully qualified Level 4 sports massage therapist offering deep tissue and sports massage for those involved with regular physical activity as well those with everyday aches and pains.

About Gemma

My interest in human anatomy and biomechanics developed as a child when I experienced pain and mobility problems with my knees and hips. This was described by my GP as “growing pains” but after many hospital visits seeing different specialists I was eventually told that the arches of my feet were at the root of the problem. After a year of special exercises and specially fitted orthotics my discomfort reduced greatly and eventually my body was able to realign itself.

I went on to pursue a career working with dogs (my other passion!) as a canine behaviourist and working for myself as a dog walker and trainer.

Then In my mid-twenties I suffered a shoulder injury while attending a boxing class. Through my recovery with Jo at Josportstherapy, I rediscovered my interest in the science of body movement and the importance of muscular health. I decided to retrain and I qualified as a level 3 sports massage therapist in the summer of 2015 I then went on to complete level 4 Sports Massage which allows me to treat and manage injuries whether from sports, occupation or lifestyle.

I’ve helped at several events including Gosport half marathon, Eastleigh 10k and Lordshill 10k.

My personal interests outside of massage include supporting Fulham Football Club, strength training at the gym and rollerblading.


Sports massage is a specialised treatment focused on injury prevention and muscle tissue health. The techniques used improve flexibility and range of movement at the joints, while improving circulation and joint stability.

Sports massage is not limited to sports men and women, but is suitable for anyone experiencing muscular discomfort or reduced mobility. The techniques used manage muscle imbalances and muscle tension brought on by occupation, lifestyle or sports

I’ve treated a variety of people from runners at Southampton Athletics Club to help them achieve their PB’s, to office workers with shoulder and neck tension. I’ve also helped clients with problems concerning lower back pain, patella and knee structure issues, achilles pain, plantar fasciitis, hamstring restriction, hip stability, quadricep shortening, calf restriction and neck tension.

Sports massage can also help relieve symptoms of a range of medical conditions. I have treated clients suffering with Meniere’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Migraine. After treatment clients have reported improved mobility and wellness and have noted significant reduction in the frequency and severity of their symptoms.

On your first appointment I will conduct a full body assessment to identify any muscular imbalances. This will include a postural assessment and some special tests on the lower and upper body.

Information gathered from the tests will help me decide on an individual treatment plan.


-Deep Tissue Techniques

-Muscle Stretching Techniques

-Soft Tissue Release

-Trigger Point Therapy


I always like to educate my clients about their specific treatment plan and offer advice on appropriate stretch and strengthening exercises tailored to their individual needs. I send exercise videos with instructions to help you remember what to do once you leave the treatment room.

£35 per session

Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist Full body assessment included within the appointment to identify any imbalances or mobility issues.
Blocks of 6 sports therapy sessions will have a 20% discount

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